Why choose a GrowCamp?


GrowCamp raised beds are the perfect choice for those, who are either new to gardening or would like to work more intensively with their garden’s yield.

A GrowCamp gives you the optimum conditions for your plants and gives you the opportunity to extend the gardening season.  In addition, GrowCamp is available in many sizes and variations and is therefore an obvious choice, no matter whether you are the owner of a huge garden or a small balcony.

This is how a GrowCamp raised bed works

Your GrowCamp raised bed is available in several different materials and sizes, so you can always join the bed(s) together, in a way that best suits your needs. Moreover, all GrowCamps are manufactured with both quality and design in mind. In addition, there are different coverings available for your GrowCamp, so you can always adapt it to suit your exact garden circumstances and to what you wish to grow.
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A few examples of a GrowCamp’s potential applications:

Use a GrowCamp without covering, if you want to plant a row of berry shrubs, but your soil is poor. The raised bed means that you can easily improve the soil and, if you choose the raised bed of 50 cm, you will have the shrubs at a good picking height. This can be an advantage, if you have back problems.

Use a GrowCamp with net covering for your carrots and peas. This way you can keep the birds away from your tasty vegetables.

Use a GrowCamp tomato bed for your tomatoes. The bed’s height makes it ideal for tomatoes and the option of rolling back the plastic on very warm days, allows you to ensure the best growing conditions for your tomatoes – every day. Read more about growing tomatoes here.

Use a GrowCamp terrace bed for either your terrace or balcony. It does not take up much room, yet provides enough space for growing herbs, lettuces, carrots, chillies and perhaps some small tomato plants.

The possibilities are endless – the only limit is your imagination!

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Your GrowCamp raised beds are also available with our unique self-watering system, GrowWater. Read more about it here.

A GrowCamp is also perfect for growing seedlings. Read more about growing seedlings here!

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