Watering your plants

The most important prerequisite for vegetables and flowers to thrive is WATER!

So what do you do when you go away for weekends or holidays at the height of summer, when the plants are in most need of water? It is a barrier that prevents many from home-growing. GrowCamp are now launching a completely new irrigation system, which means that you can be away from your plants for longer, without them suffering.selvvanding



GrowCamps raised beds with a frame height of 30 cm can be equipped with the new irrigation system GrowWater, which assures the tomato harvest, flourishing vegetables and the summer flowers blooming continuously all summer long – even if you go away on your summer holidays.

The water reservoir holds enough water for at least one to two weeks in the warmest month. If you are away for longer, it is easy to persuade the neighbours to do the watering, if in return they can help themselves to home-grown delicacies!

The lower 15 cm of the raised bed is used as a water reservoir. The overlying soil is linked to the water through perforated tubes, which are also filled with soil. The soil in the perforated tubes act as wicks, which draw up the water. This way the water is automatically distributed to all of the soil.


Adjustable water level

The irrigation system is provided with a patented device. This makes it possible to lower the water level to prevent the plants becoming too wet in the cooler growing seasons or in the start-up phase, where the roots have not yet developed fully.

Vand_02_fuld Vand_04_halv-ok


The above shows the regulator in 3 different positions:

Upper position: The reservoir can be filled completely
Middle position: If the reservoir is more than half full, the water drains through the water hose at the bottom.
Lower position: The regulator is fully depressed and the water drains out.

Quality product

With GrowWater’s irrigation system you get a quality product, which can be used for years to come. All parts are made from durable materials, which can be dismantled and washed.



The plants thrive

– in GrowCamp’s beds with self-watering for 4 reasons:


Water is always available – and what is more, in the right amounts.  At the start and end of the season, you can reduce the water level by using the adjusting device, so that the soil does not become too moist! Plants do not thrive if they get too much water.



You need to use a lot of fertilizer, if you want to have several as well as superb crops or flowers! By feeding with the right dose of liquid fertilizer, on the few occasions that watering is needed in the season, you ensure optimal growth.



Plants do not thrive, if there is not enough soil for the roots to develop. In GrowCamp’s soil container, there is room for 15 cm of soil above the water reservoir. This allows the plants to grow strong and produce lots of fruit or flowers. The soil will not need changing every year.



In a GrowCamp with cover, ventilation is easy. The plastic cover is fitted with Velcro and can therefore be opened to any position. When it is very warm, it may be completely detached, so you can safely go away on weekends or holidays.