Sowing and harvesting schedule



In GrowCamp, you will be able to sow much earlier than you are used to. When the tent is covered by plastic, it protects the tiny plants from night frost. Often you will be able to start as early as February.

At the other end of season, there is also something to be gained. If you plant potatoes in July, you will be able to dig up delicious new potatoes in October – November. Carrots sown in August can be eaten from November and till early spring.

The right time for sowing and harvesting varies from year to year due to changing weather conditions.

Naturally, geographical climate differences also play an important roll. Furthermore,  numerous varieties exist of most species – each with their own characteristics as to development, sowing and harvesting.

Longer season

The specifications below are based on the seed suppliers’ guidelines combined with our  own experience gained through several years of growing under the special conditions offered by a grow tent.

As a main rule, you can sow/plant approx. one month earlier in a grow tent than in open soil due to the higher soil temperature and because the soil becomes workable much earlier since it dries faster in a raised bed. The autumn season is also extended by one month extra for sowing and harvesting.


For many crops, it will not be strictly necessary to use the plastic cover in the autumn or winter although this is specified below. However, the plants will almost always benefit from the extra protection and heat supplied by the cover.


We have prepared a schedule, which shows the overall guidelines for some of the plants you can grow in your GrowCamp, when they can be sown or planted, and when they can be harvested.

Download schedule here!