• FC3120

    GrowCamp/30 LEAN TO LOW 62×120 cm

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Herbs, lettuce, chillies, bush tomatoes and much more
– have fresh greens for your food within easy reach.


GrowCamp’s terrace/balcony bed is a raised bed with a cover, which can be stood up against a wall, but can also be free-standing and used for example as a space divider.

The back and gables are covered in plastic. On the front there is netting, which is fixed at the top. Velcro is attached to its sides and bottom, allowing for easy access when you need to pick vegetables or plant new ones.

A plastic cover is included for the front, which can be used if you want to extend the season and use the bed as a small greenhouse.

The bed can be supplied with: Self-wateringbaselegswheels and soil troughs.