• FC3704

    GrowCamp/30 120×240 cm

  • FC3220

    GrowCamp/30 LEAN TO HIGH 62×120 cm

  • FC3936

    GrowCamp WOOD /30 LEAN TO HIGH 120×62 cm

  • FC7100



GrowCamp’s lean-to bed
– suitable for tomato plants, cucumbers and chillies.


In addition to normal greenhouse plants, you can of course also grow plants like herbs and lettuce. You can choose to organize the bed with plant trays with capillary action on one side. Here you can grow seedlings or have herbs and flowers in pots.

The bed is supplied with plastic covers on all four sides. This provides a warm and protected growing environment. On the front there is a net that provides protection against insects, animals, and other undesirables. This also provides a shield from intense sunlight.

The plastic cover on the front is secured with Velcro and can therefore be opened at the top, bottom or be completely detached, so that the right temperature can easily be achieved.

The plastic cover on the back of the bed prevents the plants from coming into contact with the wall or woodwork. The bed does not need to be supported against a wall for its full height. A wooden post at each side is enough to hold the bed in place at the back, where it is supplied with mounting brackets.

When you choose a GrowCamp lean-to bed, you automatically receive a 30 cm raised bed, which can be:

•   Completely filled with soil (190 litres)
•   Supplied with a self-watering system topped with 15 cm of soil (85 litres)
•   Equipped with soil trough for 80 litres of soil.