• FC6962

    Raised bed PVC 120×62 cm with GrowWater

  • FC6995

    Bed with GrowWater 120×120 cm with bottom and wheels

  • FC6994

    Bed with GrowWater 120×120 cm with bottom and legs

  • FC6993

    Bed with GrowWater 120×120 cm with bottom

  • FC6992

    Bed with GrowWater 120×120 cm

  • FC6924

    Raised bed PVC 90×44 cm with GrowWater

  • FC6928

    Raised bed PVC 44×44 cm with GrowWater


Don’t worry about going away
– GrowWater takes care of your plants!


Now you can safely go away for weekends or holidays, without worrying about your plants getting watered!

GrowCamp’s new irrigation system GrowWater holds enough water for at least 1-2 weeks at the height of summer!  And if the rewards are delicious sun-ripened tomatoes, your neighbour probably won’t mind watering once or twice.

GrowCamp’s self-watering beds are raised beds with a GrowWater self-watering unit.

The beds are 30 cm high.  The top half is filled with soil.  In the lower half is the water reservoir with capillary irrigation tubes, which act as wicks, drawing up the water to the soil above.

Use for example GrowCamp’s self-watering bed in the greenhouse, instead of the familiar white polystyrene boxes. This will give you a quality product, which can be used for years to come! There will also be room for more soil in the bed, allowing the plants to thrive. And when you use GrowWater’s patented water level regulator, it is possible to lower the water level and thereby avoid over-watering.

Read more about how the irrigation system works here.

GrowCamp’s self-watering beds are supplied as standard without a base. This means that the water sack lays on the underlying layer, for example flagstones or decking boards. If the underlying layer is soil, rough stones or anything sharp-edged, we recommend that you buy a base for the bed.