• FC4460

    Roottrainer COMPACT. Set incl. lid for 20 plants

  • FC4495

    Roottrainer SLIM. Set incl. lid for 50 plants

  • FC4496

    Roottrainer DEEP. Set incl. lid for 32 plants


Originally conceived as an invention to improve the success rate of conifers, the Rootrainer system is now in widespread use in many markets.

Rootrainers™ are the perfect start for nearly all plants, and especially those that are sensitive to disturbance and require  deep root runs.

Ideal for  growing on seeds, seedlings,  plugs and cuttings. The Rootrainer system is made  up of deep seed trays, divided  into separate segments known  as ‘books’. They are unique because they open up like a  book, for easy inspection and  easy transplanting.

GrowCamp offers a large program of Roottrainers:

Tree different sizes of cells:
COMPACT: Height 8 cm and  4 x 4 cm on the top
SLIM: Height 10 cm and 3 x 3 cm on the top
DEEP: Height 12 cm and 4 x 4 cm on the top

Trays in two sizes 24 x 20 cm and 36 x 21 cm incl. lid.