• FC4270

    GrowTray LARGE

  • FC4230

    GrowTray SMALL

  • FC4276

    LARGE planting tray with brackets

  • FC4320

    Heating mat for plants 21W – 52 x 25 cm

  • FC4300

    Capillary mat – fibertex 2 pcs./4 pcs.

  • FC4335

    Styrofoam plate 55 x 28 x 2,5 cm


GrowCamp planting trays
– with capillary action. Suitable for growing seedlings and much more!


With GrowCamp’s planting trays you can grow all kinds of plants in pots and other containers.

The planting trays, which are available in two sizes, can for example be fitted in GrowCamp’s raised beds, on the wall of the greenhouse, stand in the conservatory or on the windowsill.

GrowCamp’s capillary mat has been carefully selected. It is produced from new, pure synthetic materials and is resistant to rot. Capillary mats produced from recycled materials, often contain traces of colorant and other chemicals.

The grooves in the planting trays are used for storing water. Only the grooves should be filled with water, never the entire tray. The capillary mat automatically draws the water up from the watering grooves when needed. In this way it acts as a wick.

By using GrowCamp’s planting tray with a capillary mat, you never need to water directly into the individual pots. This is extremely time-saving, and at the same time the mat ensures that all the plants get the water they need.

Keep track of how moist the soil is in the pots. Most plants suffer if they have too much moisture. Let the mat dry out completely now and again. This ensures that the roots receive the oxygen they need.

The capillary mat can be washed in a washing machine at 40 degrees.