Potatoes in the GrowCamp


Start by chitting the potatoes, as soon as you can get hold of seed potatoes – preferably in early February. As soon as the risk of severe frost has passed, you can put them into the GrowCamp. The soil will quickly warm up when the bed is covered with plastic.

If there is a risk of frost, cover the potatoes with Fibertex or any other material that will protect the plants. You may want to light a couple of block candles inside the tent during the night – it will raise the temperature a few degrees.

When the risk of night frost has passed, you can use the “top tier” of GrowCamp’s planting trays to grow seedlings for lettuce, summer flowers and much more.


As soon as you start harvesting potatoes, you can then replace them with plants from the “top tier”. You will normally find that the time for harvesting the last potatoes, is exactly the time to sow or plant out beans – or for example chillies and bush tomatoes.

The picture below shows potatoes, which were dug up in the first few days of May.