The perfect vegetable garden in a tent

It seems so simple you’d have thought somebody would have invented it a long time ago. But the fact is, the GrowCamp grow tent is the first in the world. What is really remarkable about it is that it quite literally grew from my own garden in Holbæk, Denmark.

The children had grown up, I was not as busy at work and thought it was now high time I did something; I wanted to grow my own vegetables, as I had done when I was a child.

I had planted out the whole garden, but then the fight against snails, worms and insects began. Of course I wanted to stick to organic methods, so there was a lot of work with little in return.

DSC00253-gl-have  Juli-2007-188-prototype
Traditional vegetable garden                                                                             First prototype of GrowCamp

Something had to be done

Of course my frustrations are shared by thousands of amateur gardeners, and I wanted to do something about it.

I was lucky to have the right materials, tools, a good portion of stubbornness and a well-developed imagination available. So with four plastic boards I built the raised bed I wanted, had a cage welded on, which I covered with an insect net with strategically placed Velcro fastenings, so it was easy to get at the vegetables.

I had the idea of covering the bed with a plastic “roller blind”, so it could act as a greenhouse early and late in the season. It was now time for the vegetables and herbs to provide their dividends.

Not high-tech but efficient

Each element adds to the benefits:

The raised bed gives a better yield because the soil heats up more quickly and stays loose because nobody steps on it.

The netting does not just keep off insects and other pests; it also provides some shade for the vegetables and acts as a wind break, while 90 percent of the rainwater can still penetrate. The protection afforded results in crisper vegetables.

The plastic cover acts like a greenhouse, so the growing season is longer. No not high-tech at all……but it is efficient!

The enthusiasm grows

In three years of testing we “forced” friends and acquaintances, who had never so much as glanced at a seed packet, to try out the grow tent.

They were really enthusiastic, because no expertise was needed and results were immediately evident. We received text message after text message: “the rocket sprouted in three days”, “we now have carrots with no worms at all”.

We purposely designed everything so it could just be clicked together. It’s so simple! You do not need a do-it-yourself gene.

GrowCamp carried away the first prize within the Landscape category and Best Innovation of all at the international garden exhibition Glee in England 2009.

New Products

In 2015 there are new products available. After the wonderfully warm and long summer of 2014, a new automatic watering system is most welcome. The product range of smaller beds on wheels and/or with legs has also been expanded.

GrowWater waters your plants!

GrowCamp’s new self-watering system GrowWater will be a hit! The watering system has a very large water reservoir, which makes it possible to leave the plants to themselves for 1-2 weeks at the height of summer. In this way, an important obstacle in relation to growing vegetables is eliminated.

All types of GrowCamp beds and planting boxes can be supplied with GrowWater.

Urban gardening

It is becoming more and more popular to grow vegetables and herbs on balconies and terraces. GrowCamp has therefore expanded its range with small LEAN-TO models, plant boxes and other small beds that can be placed on rooftops, interior courtyards, balconies and terraces.


Written by: Dorthe Rasmussen, January 2015