GrowWater capillary self-watering

Shown here is the mounting process for self-watering in a 62 x 120 cm bed. The principle applies to beds of all sizes.

A set of comprehensive assembly instructions can be found under each bed size. Example here.

Unwrap the self-watering bag and place in the bed..


Mount the drain hose on the water regulation tube before the bag is pulled up around the plate.


Pull the bag up around the plate and fasten.


Stuff plenty of soil in the capillary tubes.


Finished bed with tethering tubes mounted


Self-watering 90 x 44 cm bed on wheels (same size as white capillary watering boxes). Shown here with plant sack.


Large filling tube to make watering simple.


As you can see here, the self-watering boxes can also be immersed in greenhouses.

GrowWater can be mounted in all GrowCamp beds.