Examples of growing



To decide what to sow and plant is probably the most difficult part of growing vegetables in a GrowCamp. There are so many possibilities.  Below is shown 3 schematic examples of possible layouts:

Greenhouse bed

Tomato bushes get about 75 cm high, but spread.  Cucumber is placed at the side of the bed and tied underneath the roof when in good growth. Remove side shoots, part of the leaves and the top shoot, when the plant becomes too big and cast too much shadow. Chili, pepper and aubergines will thrive in the bed.

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Herb bed

Rows of chives, parsley and dill. 8 different herbs of which some should be cut back in order not to invade the space of others. Basil and tarragon really thrives in the sheltered
environment of the grow tent.

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Your imagination is the limit

Mix root vegetables, lettuce, leeks, onions and herbs.
Harvest and re-sow.

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