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GrowWater capillary self-watering

Shown here is the mounting process for self-watering in a 62 x 120 cm bed. The principle applies to beds of all sizes. A set of comprehensive assembly instructions can be found under each bed size. Example here. Unwrap the self-watering bag and place in the bed..   Mount the drain hose on the water regulation […]

Why choose a GrowCamp?

GrowCamp raised beds are the perfect choice for those, who are either new to gardening or would like to work more intensively with their garden’s yield. A GrowCamp gives you the optimum conditions for your plants and gives you the opportunity to extend the gardening season.  In addition, GrowCamp is available in many sizes and […]

Bed for tomatoes

Grow your own 85 kilos of delightful tomatoes on 120 x 120 cm! With the GrowCamp bed for tomatoes is it possible to harvest 85 kg of tomatoes on only 120 x 120 cm. The height is 180 cm incl. container for soil and water, which is 30 cm. The bed can be placed anywhere: […]

Sowing and harvesting schedule

. When In GrowCamp, you will be able to sow much earlier than you are used to. When the tent is covered by plastic, it protects the tiny plants from night frost. Often you will be able to start as early as February. At the other end of season, there is also something to be […]

A year in a GrowCamp

 . Pre-sprouting Pre-sprouting is traditionally done in spring to give plants with a long development time a head start. With a raised bed, you may benefit from presprouting in spring,  summer and autumn. This also applies to fast-growing crops such as lettuce and peas. The bed offers shorter growth times and thus a greater yield. […]

Examples of growing

  To decide what to sow and plant is probably the most difficult part of growing vegetables in a GrowCamp. There are so many possibilities.  Below is shown 3 schematic examples of possible layouts: . Greenhouse bed Tomato bushes get about 75 cm high, but spread.  Cucumber is placed at the side of the bed […]

Potatoes in the GrowCamp

Start by chitting the potatoes, as soon as you can get hold of seed potatoes – preferably in early February. As soon as the risk of severe frost has passed, you can put them into the GrowCamp. The soil will quickly warm up when the bed is covered with plastic. If there is a risk […]

Nu skal der forspires

Nu er det tid til forspiring. og GrowCamp har et nøje udvalgt program til formålet: Plantebakker med vandingsdug og små potter til såning. Klik her og se, hvornår de forskellige grøntsager kan forspires. Hvad er forspiring Forspiring er, når frø sås i små potter eller bakker, hvor de spirer og vokser til en passende størrelse. Derefter […]