A year in a GrowCamp

Forspiring .

Pre-sprouting is traditionally done in spring to give plants with a long development time a head start. With a raised bed, you may benefit from presprouting in spring,  summer and autumn. This also applies to fast-growing crops such as lettuce and peas. The bed offers shorter growth times and thus a greater yield.

GrowCamp’s planting trays are ideal for pre-sprouting.  The watering mat ensures continuous water supply and the plants thrive in the protected environment  of the GrowCamp. In low season the planting trays can be placed in a bright and warm place indoors. See more here.


In a raised bed, plants can be positioned much closer than in a conventional garden bed and the crops can be broadcast seeded. You can sow  lengthwise or crosswise – or even in zig-zag!

In the protective environment of the raised bed, the seeds will germinate much better than outdoors. For instance, when you sow peas or beans, the ENTIRE row will come up! You do not need to soak the seeds in water first or to re-sow.

Keeping the bed tidy

With intense growth within a small area, it is important to screen off and cut back plants to prevent  them from taking up too much space or shading the  others. Keep the plants separated by racks or strings  and cut off over-abundant leaf growth. See more here.

Year round in a GrowCamp

Below shows an example of what and when you can sow, plant and harvest throughout the year in a GrowCamp measuring 120 x 120 cm. The example is divided up into three periods of the year: Click on the pictures below and see explanation: