Welcome to GrowCamp – your perfect vegetable garden

GrowCamp makes it easy to grow vegetables – without any waste and without the use of pesticides.

After sowing, all you need to do is water during dry weather and you can enjoy watching your plants grow.

The limited amount of weeds appearing in the bed can be pulled up easily with your fingers. No gardening tools are needed!

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Sowing-and-harvesting schedule
All Year round in a GrowCamp raised bed

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The way to be happy - home grown vegetables 😃😃😃😊
Freshly picked cauliflower. It's perfect and it's possible in a GrowCamp
Where does the food come from? Most children love to discover, what is hiding in the garden. ❤️😊
See the beautiful cabbage here 👍😊😊
Do you want your plants alone? Then our raised bed with cover perhaps the solution?
The chickens have also spotted the delicious things in the raised bed.
Completely new potatoes. They only had 15 cm of soil, but constant water. It was an experiment, and the potatoes are both great and tastes great.
Perfect fresh salad without insects and other intruders. It is possible in our raised bed 😃
This GrowCamp is just next to the sea. And because of the cover the salt from the water is not a problem.

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Shown here is the mounting process for self-watering in a 62 x 120 cm bed. The principle applies to beds of all sizes. A set of comprehensive assembly instructions can be found under each bed size. Example here. Unwrap the self-watering bag and place in the bed..   Mount the drain hose on the water regulation […]

Bed for tomatoes

Grow your own 85 kilos of delightful tomatoes on 120 x 120 cm! With the GrowCamp bed for tomatoes is it possible to harvest 85 kg of tomatoes on only 120 x 120 cm. The height is 180 cm incl. container for soil and water, which is 30 cm. The bed can be placed anywhere: […]

Sowing and harvesting schedule

. When In GrowCamp, you will be able to sow much earlier than you are used to. When the tent is covered by plastic, it protects the tiny plants from night frost. Often you will be able to start as early as February. At the other end of season, there is also something to be […]

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