Here’s how:

– Add gift certificate to cart
– Go to “View cart”
– Enter the value required for the gift certificate
– Proceed to checkout
– Enter details
– Pay

You have the option of having the gift certificate sent either directly to the recipient by entering the recipient’s e-mail address – or to yourself:



When the gift certificate has been paid for, the gift certificate recipient (yourself or the person you have selected to receive the gift certificate) receives an e-mail with a unique number, which is entered in the online shop, when the gift certificate is to be used.

In the e-mail, you can click on “Print gift certificate”. You then receive a nice GrowCamp gift certificate, which can be printed onto paper or sent personally via e-mail to the recipient. Click here to see an example of a gift certificate.




– Add products to cart
– View cart

Here you must enter the unique number on the gift certificate:


The value of the gift certificate is then deducted from your purchase:


If your purchase is for more than the value of the gift certificate, you must proceed to checkout and pay the balance.

If your purchase is for less than the value of the gift certificate, you must also proceed to checkout, where you enter the name and address the products should be sent to. Click “Place order”, after which you will receive a confirmation, which shows the remaining balance on the gift certificate.

The gift certificate has a validity period of one year.

If you lose the code for the gift certificate, you can contact GrowCamp to have it re-sent.


Purchase your gift certificate now!   Click here




If you have further questions, you are of course welcome to write to or call +45 59 48 70 20.